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Ok, its a fact. Nothing looks as smokin’ hot as a female dwarf on a chopper! Admit it!

Smokin' hot!

Smokin' hot!


3.0.8 hit today.

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That is all.

Grats to H E X E D!

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Congratulations to everyone in H E X E D on Sartharion 10-man +3 drakes! Server first on what has been generally acknowledged by every WoW raider to be the hardest raid encounter currently in the game. WOOT! Grats to Pargi on his new Black Dragon mount!

I’ve been H E X E D!

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Well it didn’t work out with Forsaken Bloodlines guild. Nothing against them, they’re a group of really nice people. Its just that their raid style didn’t really work for me, I was looking for something different. They’ve been doing really well for a young guild, but I’m looking more for a hardcore raiding guild hell-bent on progression. When Ulduar comes out, a progression-based guild is going to require throwing themselves repeatedly at a boss for hours on end, trying different strats, for however many weeks (or sometimes months in the case of Mu’ru in SWP) to get it down and on farm status. I’m looking for a guild that’s not content with being in the top 20 but wants to be #1 on the server. One where everyone can have fun but takes progression seriously, doesn’t have to be told to use flasks, use food, use scrolls and whatever other consumable it takes.  Where people don’t make excuses for continuously dying in fissures but try to correct their mistakes instead of whining about how hard it is because there’s so much going on.

And now I think I’ve found it. I’m now a member of H E X E D, currently third on the server with Sartharion25 +3 down and working on server first Sartharion10 +3.  I haven’t been with them long but they are very friendly, and after listening to their Sarth10 +3 attempts last night, I’m convinced they hunger for progression as much as I do. Lots of joking around and chattering between pulls but buckled down and got serious every single attempt. And as a HUGE bonus, they do a lot of things when not raiding – 5mans, old school content, helping each other work on achievements and farm mounts, etc.  That’s something that is really nice to see and of big importance to me. Doing things together like that helps build a cohesive guild imo.

I really hope this works out. 🙂

Vindictiveness reigns supreme!

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So as readers of this blog know, I was in Exodus until I had a falling out with a couple of my fellow officers. Not all of them, just a few, but it seems as those few (or one in particular) holds a grudge like I’ve not seen in an adult in a long time. Sad. I logged onto their vent last night as some of my friends in Exodus (yes, I still have quite a few friends there believe it or not) and I were doing a few instance runs together. I’d been on their vent server before since I quit the guild and it didn’t seem to be an issue. Others who have actually been kicked out of the guild are still allowed on the server, so we figured no big deal, right? Guess again. Seems some people just can’t let things go and leave others alone. Even though nothing I was doing affected her in any way, she banned me from the server. Was I doing anything wrong? Nope. The reason given for the ban was simply because it was me. LOL

Seems a few of the officers hold a grudge because of what I wrote here previously about them. I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true, whether they admit it or not but guess its too hard for them to admit there were valid issues. Was I partly to blame for what happened? Sure, I could have handled things better. I could have stayed calmer when confronting them about some of the issues I had. Yes, I was going through some personal issues at the time that made me a little wiggy, but that doesn’t change what I saw happening or the validity of the complaints I and others had.

I guess what bothers me the most is that no one saw fit to try and work things out, to try and discuss the issues that I saw or whatever issues they were having with me. That would have been the grown up thing to do. But they took the cowardly way out, and still do. Oh, they have no problem talking about me to others and badmouthing me. I’ve heard what they’ve been saying from several different people. But talking to me seems to be out of the question. Go figure.

Just kind of sad to see people I once considered friends to be like this.

Hey Beenz!

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Eat my ass, ya drunken sot!

There, I updated my blog. Happy? :p

So, yeah…

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My last post may have been a bit premature. *sigh*

On another note, not to be a traitor to my race and class, but I made a NE Death Knight last week and leveled her hard to get to Northrend. No, I have no plans to switch my main, I still love my hunter despite the upcoming severe nerfs, but with my hunter being a Jewelcrafter and Leatherworker, I needed a farm bitch to mine and skin for me. 🙂

I had a DK during beta that I played around a bit with and I really enjoyed it. I’m enjoying this one, too. I started off as Unholy spec but, yeah, that doesn’t fit with my playstyle all that much and despite claims of how wonderful the AOE is, I still found myself single-targeting almost all of the time and not doing much AOE damage, but also dying far too frequently for my liking. So I switched to Blood spec and I’m a much happier camper. I can survive many fights I would otherwise have died in and it just feels more fun to me. I’m only 71 right now, having taken a break from leveling to do the Winter Veil stuff on my hunter as well as doing some instances and whatnot. My skinning is maxed already and my mining is close to it, so I’m going to work on my fishing and cooking a little. Hoping to get cooking up high enough to do the Winter Veil Achievements before the season is over, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem. It will also give me another toon to do the cooking dailies on so I can load up on more spices and recipes. Woot!